‘Tomb Raider’ survival guide: Episode #3

 ‘Tomb Raider’ survival guide: Episode #3

We’re exactly a week away from the release of Tomb Raider. Leading up to the March 5 launch Eidos has released a few videos dubbed “Guide to Survival,” which outline various game systems and options that players will have access to in the game. So far, we’ve looked at exploration, traveling, and salvaging. With Episode 3, we get a better taste of the game’s visceral, M-rated combat.

Episode 3 shows of the bunch of new combat options available to Lara. As we know, the bow will be a major part of the game, but the video shows off a few additional stealth-based options with the weapon, as well as environmental kills and the ability to use more than just the critical path to dispatch enemies. As has been pushed in the prior videos, the Base Camp gives Lara access to new abilities unlocked through experience points. It looks like the upgrade systems will be a lot more versatile than originally thought, particularly with the ability to collect gun parts and upgrade weapons. Check out the video below.

Have these videos made you more or less excited for Tomb Raider? Tell us what you’re most excited/apprehensive about in the comments, or discuss the wildly different reboot in our forums!

[youtube id=”oNqHBk9FtZM” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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