‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ takes place decades after ‘Killzone 3’

 ‘Killzone: Shadow Fall’ takes place decades after ‘Killzone 3’

Guerrilla Games showcased a prettier, more colorful version of its popular first-person shooter franchise during Sony’s massive press event. Little was said about Killzone: Shadow Fall’s setting, but new information about the time line has arrived that pegs it a few decades after the conclusion of Killzone 3.

Both the developer and the official Killzone Twitter account have been getting buried beneath a sea of fan questions, and thankfully, many of them have been answered. One user asked Killzone.com about the placement of Shadow Fall in the franchise’s narrative blueprint and received a quick answer.

“It’s a sequel,” the account moderator said. “It takes place a couple of decades after the end of Killzone 3.”

The best part of that? No more Rico. Or, at least we all hope.

What do you think about this big-budget shooter? Do you play the franchise for the story, or just the multiplayer? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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