Two surprise DLC packs released for ‘Spelunky’

 Two surprise DLC packs released for ‘Spelunky’

XBLA platforming rogue-like, Spelunky has received some surprise DLC today. Priced at 160MSP each, they add new playable characters and more arenas for the games’ deathmatch mode.

The explorers DLC adds a total of eight new characters which include:  the Eskimo, the Robot, the Viking, the Round Girl, the Round Boy, the Cyclops, the Ninja, and the Golden Monk. These can be used in both the adventure and deathmatch modes. While the Arenas DLC adds a substantial 24 arenas to deathmatch, perfect for those who have become bored of killing your friends in the 48 arenas already in the game.

Source: SAB CA on NeoGAF

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