Nintendo releasing U.S. version of ‘F-Zero’ on Virtual Console

 Nintendo releasing U.S. version of ‘F-Zero’ on Virtual Console

European Wii U owners upset over the prospect of receiving the 50Hz version of the 1990 SNES classic, F-Zero, are in the clear, as the U.S. version of the game will soon be available for download.

Nintendo fans in Europe were left out in the cold last month when the Mario manufacturer opened its 30th Anniversary celebrations with the NES classic Balloon Fight running at the slower 50Hz. This is the speed the previous European title ran at, but with US and Japan options running at the proper speed of 60HZ, the reasoning behind bringing the inferior version back over was unclear.

The Balloon Fight Miiverse soon became nothing but a series of critical messages for Nintendo, and surprisingly, it looks like the fan outcry has been heard. The F-Zero available tomorrow in Europe is, in fact, the faster, 60Hz edition. Nintendo hasn’t commented on whether or not this will be the standard from here on out, but it’s at least a good first step.

Were you one of the many European gamers protesting Balloon Fight? Are you happy to see Nintendo listening to its fans? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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