Here are the current confirmed Playstation 4 games

 Here are the current confirmed Playstation 4 games

Now the dust has settled on Sony’s big Playstation 4 reveal event, we’ve gone through all the announcements and put together a list of confirmed games.

Knack: A new platformer from Japan Studio and Mark Cerny, players will control the titual robot, Knack. Think a much prettier Ratchet & Clank, which is saying something.

Watch Dogs: Ubisoft’s big new IP, which set E3 2012 buzzing. In a new gameplay demo, we saw some traversal and combat mechanics very reminiscent of Sleeping Dogs. Oh, and it all looked absolutely gorgeous.

Destiny: Bungie came out on stage to announce Playstation gamers (on PS3 and PS4) will get exclusive content. Not only that they showed off footage, seemingly running on PS4 hardware.

Diablo 3: Another surprise, Blizzard announced their dungeon crawler is coming to PS3 and PS4. Direct control of your character looks to be the biggest change from the PC version.

The Witness: Jonathan Blow took the stage to shed a little light on his next game. While he was there he also dropped the bombshell that it will launch first on Playstation 4. An impressive coup for Sony, since Blow’s last game was an Xbox 360 exclusive for a long time.

Infamous: Second Son: Surprisingly this was one of the few games that only got a pre-rendered trailer. We don’t know much about this, but judging from the trailer you won’t be playing as Cole MacGrath this time around.

Drive Club: The latest from Motorstorm developer, Evolution Studios, Drive Club looks to be a more traditional racer. Team play and social features are what sets it apart from similar racers.

Killzone: Shadow Fall: While you may bemoan another Killzone game, and honestly the gameplay looked fairly standard, the visuals on display in the demo shown were amazing. It looked a lot like Killzone, albeit a more colorful version.

Deep Down: Capcom showed off this new IP in an impressive, if ambiguous, video. There were dragons and a dude with a sword, and that’s about all we have to go on.

Square-Enix also took the stage to say they’re working on a new Final Fantasy, a revelation that is sure to rock the gaming world. However that’s all they said, informing the crowd that they should look forward to E3.

And those are your current confirmed Playstation 4 games, not too shabby at all. I think most would agree that Sony showed off way more than anyone was expecting and what was shown was generally impressive, in one way or another. Let us know what you think of this current line-up and head over to our forums to discuss all this with us and other readers.

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