‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ dev speaks out, explains issues

 ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’ dev speaks out, explains issues

In a lengthy post on Reddit today, an unnamed developer on Aliens: Colonial Marines speaks out about the game’s troubled development, and what they hope to do to fix it post-release.

To quickly sum up the post, it looks as though Gearbox would work on the title for a while, then shift gears over to a different title (Borderlands comes up a few times). Once work started up again on Colonial Marines, the game would basically get a content overhaul, and Gearbox would have to ask Sega for an extension. After a few extensions, Gearbox decided to outsource most of the campaign over to TimeGate Studios, while they would focus on the multiplayer side of things.

The whole post is a fascinating read, and well worth the five minutes it’d take you. Especially of note is the fact that Sega could’ve easily pressed legal action against Gearbox for the endless delays and extensions on the project. Games development sure is interesting stuff, folks. Particularly if there’s a good story behind it.

via Reddit

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