Rumor: Xbox 720 will require Kinect to work

 Rumor: Xbox 720 will require Kinect to work

It’s another day and another unconfirmed piece of news concerning one of the next generation consoles. This time, it’s concerning Microsoft’s Xbox 720, and the possibility of it requiring the Kinect to operate.

As IGN reports, we already know that the 720 (which I refer affectionately refer to as “Nextbox” and get dirty looks for) will be able to simultaneously run multiple games and apps including social networking, and that it will, like its predecessor, have Kinect support. However, the newest piece of information floating around is that the console will require the sensor to be able to work at all, and will use the Kinect to do things such as recognize players and use Siri-like voice recognition. Naturally, this technology will see an improvement in its next iteration, apparently being able to detect up to six players simultaneously as well as smaller movements and expressions. 
Additionally, the next console will have the ability to install games as they are being played, so there will be no more staring at a loading bar before you can actually start playing the game. 
Sony’s next console will allegedly be announced in just under ten days, and Microsoft is sure to follow suit. Are you excited to see what the next iteration of Microsoft’s mega-popular console will bring? Tell us in the comments, or discuss the console in our forums!

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