Michel Ancel and ‘Rayman’ dev team protest ‘Legends’ delay

 Michel Ancel and ‘Rayman’ dev team protest ‘Legends’ delay

Last week’s big news story was that Rayman Legends was being delayed until September from its February Wii U release to a multiplatform release this fall. Not a lot of fans were happy about that and it seems the developer is in the same ring.

Pictures have shown up today through Eurogamer that shows Ubisoft Montpelier with a sign that translates to “Release Rayman: Support Ubisoft Montpelier”. You see people from the development team hold up the photo plus creator of Rayman, Michel Ancel.

Another bit of news was an unknown ex-developer who worked on the game describing all the months to finish it have been ‘hell’. Suffice to say, I’m hoping it eventually leads to a Wii U release but who knows what Ubisoft will do for certain.

Do you agree with Ancel and the dev team? Let us know in the comments below or post in our lovely forums.

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