Refunds issued for PSN pre-orders of ‘Metro: Last Light’

 Refunds issued for PSN pre-orders of ‘Metro: Last Light’

Customers who pre-ordered Metro: Last Light via PSN are receiving refunds for the full purchase price. This isn’t the first hiccup the game has had regarding digital sales, having already been removed from GameStop’s digital service last month.

The copy of Homefront which came with the pre-order is still yours to keep, although I’m not sure how much of a reward that really is. Metro: Last Light was caught up in the turmoil of THQ’s bankruptcy proceedings, and has since been sold to Deep Silver, publisher of Dead Island.

Officials at Deep Silver have assured us before that Metro will hit store shelves this year, so this is hopefully just the result of behind-the-scenes legal nonsense. Metro: Last Light was previously scheduled to release in March, but no specific date is currently known.

Were you affected by these refunds? Let us know in the comments below.

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