‘Motorstorm’ developer working on new title, possibly PS4

 ‘Motorstorm’ developer working on new title, possibly PS4

In roughly ten days, Sony has the ability to shake up the gaming industry with the perceived announcement of the Playstation 4. While speculation is rising, it appears that the developer of the popular Motorstorm title is teasing a brand new announcement. When does it appear that they might make that announcement? You guessed it, 10 days.

Paul Rustchynsky, Game Director at Evolution Studios, is the individual who started the speculation. Earlier today, Paul tweeted out a simple “10 days” message that sparked the idea that the studio is hard at work on a new title. With Sony’s Playstation 4 event happening on February 20th, this “announcement” would line up perfectly with that event.

The LinkedIn profile of Simon Barlow, Design Director at Evolution Studios, lists that he’s working on a “AAA first-party exclusive” that just happens to be unannounced. The project starts in March 2011, which gives the game almost a two-year development cycle that allows it perfect timing for the supposed new console announcement.

It makes sense that this would be a brand new¬†Motorstorm title, but there’s always the chance that the studio is working on a brand new IP as well. With only ten days left until Sony’s big announcement, we’ll soon find out what all the fuss is about.

What do you think Evolution Studios is working on? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Motorstorm in our forums.

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