‘Killer Is Dead’ PlayStation Vita port still “undecided”

 ‘Killer Is Dead’ PlayStation Vita port still “undecided”

Suda51’s upcoming series mash-up, Killer is Dead, is making its way to major consoles this summer, but its current status on the struggling PlayStation Vita is still up in the air.

Grasshopper Manufacture’s lead man Goichi Suda had plenty to say during this year’s Taipei Game Show, but his comments surrounding both PlayStation Move integration in Killer is Dead and a Vita version were some of the most interesting. The team is “undecided for now,” which is much better than a straight “no.” Since we’re just a few short months out from this action title, a portable version would probably be released a bit after launch.

Fans of both killer7 and No More Heroes, which are games Killer is Dead takes deep inspiration from, should keep their eyes on this news as it develops. The final product will be published by XSEED in North America and Deep Silver Games in Europe and, for now, will launch on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

Are you interested in Killer is Dead? If so, would you pick it up on the PlayStation Vita? Let us know what you think by leaving  a comment below!

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