Kamiya: ‘Bayonetta 2’s’ exclusivity up to Nintendo

 Kamiya: ‘Bayonetta 2’s’ exclusivity up to Nintendo

Hideki Kamiya, the main man behind the high-flying sequel Bayonetta 2, won’t move his upcoming Wii U exclusive to other consoles unless it’s by Nintendo’s orders.

Yesterday’s news of Rayman Origins being both delayed and spread across the two remaining consoles has a few Nintendo faithful concerned, as Ubisoft has often been looked to as one of the Mario makers’ biggest supporters. Apparently, Kamiya was asked directly over Twitter what his plans were with both Bayonetta 2 and The Wonderful 101, which are both expected to launch exclusively on the Wii U.

Like always, Kamiya spoke his mind.

“We’re a development company. Nintendo gives us money, we make Bayonetta 2 and Wonderful 101, and they sell it,” he said. “So, if Nintendo says ‘We’re putting Bayonetta 2 on PS3/360,’ it’ll come out on those platforms. So ask Nintendo about it…”

It’s doubtful that Nintendo will just come on over to Platinum Games and ask the team to make its games multiplatform, but it doesn’t sound like something Kamiya is opposed to.

What do you think about all of this Wii U news over the past few days? Are developers and publishers beginning to lose faith? Let us know what you think  by leaving a comment below!

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