How to unlock the Devil Horns in ‘Dead Space 3’

 How to unlock the Devil Horns in ‘Dead Space 3’

Did you know that the best weapon to have in space would be a foam finger? Oh, you don’t believe me? While taking down necromorphs with the numerous weapons that you craft in Dead Space 3 is tough, the use of a foam finger in the game allows you to take them down with one shot.

An Easter Egg that first appeared in the second title in the series, Dead Space 3 brings it back as the “Devil Horns”. By completing the game in Classic Mode with New Game+, you’ll unlock the fancy foam finger to take down necromorphs with ease.

The scare factor of the game will definitely be removed once you’ve unlocked the weapon, but it’s a cool perk to give fans for beating the game in Classic mode.

What do you think about the Devil Horns? Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving us a comment below, or discuss Dead Space 3 in our forums.

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