‘Beyond: Two Souls’ release date announcement soon

 ‘Beyond: Two Souls’ release date announcement soon

When speaking with IGN, Quantic Dream CEO David Cage shared a few tidbits of information regarding a slew of things, namely that Beyond: Two Souls is in beta, will be released this year and will have a release date announcement “soon.”

Cage also had a few thoughts to share about rumors that next-gen consoles won’t play used games.

“On one hand, I understand consumer’s position. Games are expensive. When they buy something they want to be able to trade it, most of the time to buy more games. I can understand that point,” Cage said. “On the other side, I understand the point of the industry. Each time you buy a used game, this is money that doesn’t go into the pocket of the people that took the risk to create this, to finance it, to develop it. This is also unfair.

“So I don’t know what is the right answer. I don’t know if making this impossible [to play used games] is the answer. Maybe it is, maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s more about explaining and about telling people who really love games that if they buy used games, there will be a day where there won’t be any new games at all.”

Also of note was the slight nudge at the fact that Quantic Dream is also developing for Sony’s “future console,” though, he assured IGN that the Singularity URL that was bought by Quantic Dream baffles him.

“There’s no game or project in development called in Singularity, I don’t have a clue what that is.”

Source IGN

Via VG247

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