Rumor: ‘Saints Row 4’ could be current-gen, out this August

 Rumor: ‘Saints Row 4’ could be current-gen, out this August

After THQ’s fall and Koch Media/Deep Silver’s acquisition of Volition and the Saints Row IP, we’re left wondering what will be of Saints Row 4? The Third was amazing with its silliness and gameplay. But the fourth title might be closer than you think, like this August.

IGN reported on a tip from the Design Director of the first title. He tweeted:

Take this with a grain of salt for now since Deep Silver commented saying they are still working on the timing with Volition with no platforms announced currently. But Koch Media CEO said there’s no doubt the next Saints Row will be out in 2013.

This would put it above GTA V’s release in September. Interesting stuff but will it happen? Let us know in the comments what you think or post in our forums.

Source: IGN

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