‘Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14’ adds new features & difficulty

When you’re looking at difficulty in sports video games, the Tiger Woods PGA TOUR series is usually towards the top. If you’re in an elite class of gamers who feel that the series needs a harder difficulty, then you’re in luck.

Among a slew of other features, EA SPORTS announced today that Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 would be receiving a “Simulation” difficulty. The new difficulty will be the fifth for the game, and challenge players by making them read the course just like the professionals do each time they play.

A fifth difficulty setting has been added to Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 this year. Simulation difficulty was designed for those players who want to experience what the PGA TOUR pros face each week. In Simulation difficulty, the swing meter, green grid, zoom to aim, along with other aids are turned off. This mode is the truest test of skill for the hardcore fans. With this difficulty setting, users can implement the new advanced shot shaping feature to work the ball and attack courses with creativity, just like the pros and Legends.

In addition to Simulation difficulty, the newest entry for the series will also receive a new swing mechanic. Gone are the days where every lie can be hit the same way. Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14 will force you to move your club the exact way on the swing meter that you would need to in order to achieve the best possible shot.

 This year’s game features a new enhanced Strike Meter which enables gamers to hit the ball with consistency out of any lie with a properly executed stroke. The Strike Meter introduces a left to right movement to simulate scenarios players would face in real life, such as side hill lies which demand an altered reach, to create an authentic ball striking experience in any given situation.

You’ll also be able to play in the 1800’s using the same equipment that golfers used in those days, choose between twenty-four unique golf swings, and an all new revamped presentation featuring more detailed statistics, presentation packages, and camera angles. It’s a good year to be a fan of the Tiger Woods series.

What do you think about the changes EA SPORTS will be bringing to Tiger Woods PGA TOUR 14? Be sure to let us know by leaving us a comment below!

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