‘Sleeping Dogs: Year of the Snake’ DLC leaked

Square-Enix and United Front Games apparently aren’t done supporting Sleeping Dogs. Despite the Hong Kong based open-world game not doing stellar in the sales department, it has not been left wanting when it comes to additional content. A YouTube user has uploaded a short video, which they claim was shown at the end of “the latest DLC,” though it’s not clear which DLC they are referring to. The video appears to be a teaser for something called “Year of the Snake.”

Some recently revealed trophies appear to confirm the DLC is real, and that it will involve cultists in some way. Chinese New Year is on February 10th this year, so we’d expect we’ll hear more before then and expect the DLC to hit sometime around that date. Check out the video below.

[youtube id=”QFxqyjj77aE” width=”620″ height=”360″]

Source: Eurogamer

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