‘Dark Souls II’ 25 percent complete, likely a next-generation game

 ‘Dark Souls II’ 25 percent complete, likely a next-generation game

Dark Souls II, the upcoming sequel to 2011’s brutal fantasy role-playing game, is far from reaching the finish line. Unfortunately for fans itching to die just one more time, it will likely miss a release in 2013.

This news comes from Co-game Creator Tomohiro Shibuya, who recently sat down with Edge about the next chapter of this beloved franchise. Expectations have jumped for what this series can be after such a successful 2011 release, and since the development team is now “substantially bigger,” the entire creation process has changed.

Every single department, from the group heading world building to the talented folks figuring out multiplayer, has increased in size, and because of this, Shibuya estimates that the game is only about 25 percent complete. That’s pushed back the projected release beyond 2013, but Shibuya declined to comment on whether the final product will even launch on current hardware.

With new consoles expected to hit later this year, it’s unlikely that this hot release will be on yesterday’s technology.

Are you looking forward to Dark Souls II? If so, do you mind waiting this long? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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