BioWare teases new ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC

 BioWare teases new ‘Mass Effect 3’ DLC

Those who follow BioWare producers Mike Gamble or Casey Hudson just got treated to a couple new images from what is presumably a new piece of downloadable content that’s making it’s way to Mass Effect 3. “Does not look like a guy you’d want to mess with,” Gamble said of the image featuring the Krogan. As Hudson tweeted the image featuring what looks like a club he said, “Looks like a nice place for some R&R.”

It’s certainly not a surprise, especially to those who follow the composers on the series. Sascha Dikiciyan teased the DLC as early as a week ago.


Having been disappointed in various aspects of both DLCs so far, I’m particularly hoping that BioWare manages to get everything right this time. Are you still open to buying more content? Let us know below?

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