‘BioShock Infinite’ receives “Truth From Legend” trailer

 ‘BioShock Infinite’ receives “Truth From Legend” trailer

Irrational Games recently released another trailer for the upcoming title BioShock Infinite, but this time there’s a twist. Instead of focusing on gameplay or combat, it reveals information on the birth of Columbia and the city’s place in history.

Structured like an old-school educational video, the trailer gives us more insights than one might initially think. Stringing together real world and heavily edited in-game footage, the trailer suggests that society as a whole knows about the city of Columbia.

Unlike in the original BioShock where the city of Rapture had little real world context, the formation and secession of Columbia during the late 1800s is widely known. Who knows what implications this information will have on the actual game, all I know is this makes me want Infinite even more.

What do you make of this cryptic trailer? Let us know in the comments below.

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