Rumor: Quantic Dream working on PlayStation 4 game ‘Singularity’

 Rumor: Quantic Dream working on PlayStation 4 game ‘Singularity’

A domain registered by French developer Quantic Dream in November has just been discovered, and surprisingly, it’s for a PlayStation 4 game titled Singularity.

The domain “singularityps4.com” was found by Superannuation in a new Kotaku feature, and it seemingly matches up with the other domains the developer has registered in the past. Both heavyrainps3.com and beyondps3.com were created before the games’ announcements, so while Sony’s AAA developer is currently hard at work on the upcoming Beyond: Two Souls, another project seems to be at least starting development.

Even though David Cage has mentioned his interest in Ray Kurzweil’s novel The Singularity is Near, it would be difficult for the final project to carry that name. Raven Software’s 2010 FPS, also titled Singularity, should force Quantic Dream to give the final game a different moniker.

The last interesting part of the domain is the mention of the term “PS4.” Most publishers and developers have referred to Sony’s next-generation box as the “Orbis,” so it’s a surprise to actually see the PlayStation 4 name out in the wild.

Whether it’s the PlayStation 4 or Orbis, it looks like Quantic Dream is working on two games. Are you excited to see them both? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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