PlayStation Network kicks off ’13 for 13′ sale; Crazy Eddie proud

 PlayStation Network kicks off ’13 for 13′ sale; Crazy Eddie proud

Hey, remember how console digital distribution systems don’t do sales on the level of Steam? Apparently, Sony never got that memo, as they’re going ahead with their “13 for 13” sale starting January 22. Come tomorrow, you’ll be able to get 13 great games at 50% off the normal price, or 75% if you’re a PS+ member. Games eligible for this deal include LittleBigPlanet Karting, The Unfinished Swan, Warp, Machinarium, and Jet Set Radio HD. In addition to games, a bunch of great movies such as Pirates! Band of Misfits, Cabin in the Woods, and The Raid: Redemption are also on sale, but not at the same discount as the games are. Click here to check out a full list of games and movies on sale.

I’m really glad to see at least one platform holder understand the importance of sales. Every Steam sale is a work of genius on Valve’s part, seeing folks pick up games they’d otherwise be uninterested in due to price. Hopefully we’ll see Microsoft and Nintendo doing similar sales on their part to ensure folks can check out great games for little money.

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