‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’ will have local multiplayer

 ‘Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon’ will have local multiplayer

We talk a lot about how some games get multiplayer that probably don’t necessitate it with the recent Tomb Raider. However, one game is coming out this March that will somehow have multiplayer. The upcoming 3DS sequel Luigi’s Mansion: Dark Moon will have some form of it.

It was first revealed on the official website which previously talked about a “brand new local multiplayer mode’. It’s been updated to remove that but IGN has updated saying they know something about it with a reveal later in the week. What kind of multiplayer could it be? Are we all ghostbusters? Are we all slimers? Do we all have Game Boy Horrors like in the first title? So many questions!

Let us know what kind of multiplayer Luigi could be in store for in our comments below or post in our forums.

Source: IGN

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