Rumor: PS4 to ditch DualShock controller

 Rumor: PS4 to ditch DualShock controller

According to a report on CVG, a “senior game studio source” says the Sony is moving away from its long-standing line of DualShock controllers as it moves to the next generation of consoles.

The same source claims that Sony has been working with various prototypes for its new controller, including those with biometric sensors on the handgrips and touch-screen capabilities.

Another source–this one in “a separate part of the industry but still connected to Sony,” revealed that those creating the (still unannounced) PlayStation 4 are hoping to employ the same kind of user interface as the PS Vita. This doesn’t come as a great surprise, however, as the console-maker has been trying to connect the dots between its portable and stationary systems for some time now.

Regardless of what path the company decides to take with its next-gen controller, Sony will have difficulty completely abandoning the DualShock line. In order for the PS4 to be compatible with PS3 games–as fans are sure to want–old controllers or comparable new ones will have to available.

Son’y track record when it comes to building new controllers isn’t great. Prior to the release of the PS3, Sony showed off a redesign of its Dual Shock 2 controller, which, due to its elongated handgrips and consequent shape, became known as the “banana pad.” After a collective groan from its fanbase, the company eventually revised its new design and introduced the DualShock 3.

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