‘Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII’ will include costume changes, new abilities


Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, the third adventure in the FFXIII universe, will feature brand new outfits for the game’s rough-and-tough heroine.

New gear will help spice up Lightning’s look, but it’s the all new skills and abilities that’ll actually come in handy during combat scenarios. A guard and evasion system will also makes its debut, which will allow players to deflect oncoming enemy attacks.

Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu was the harbinger of this hot scoop, which also included an introduction for new character Lumina. Her pink hair is essentially all that we know about her, but that should change in the coming months.

Lumina, and many other features of the game, will be furthered detailed before the game’s 2013 release.

What do you think of all these new Final Fantasy details? Are you excited at all for this third game? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

Source: Gameranx

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