‘Wildman’ is next title from Gas Powered Games, is now on Kickstarter

 ‘Wildman’ is next title from Gas Powered Games, is now on Kickstarter

The developer of Dungeon Siege  and Supreme Commander has announced their next project, and is depending on Kickstarter to get it going. Wildman, spearheaded by Gas Powered Games mastermind Chris Taylor, is billed as an “evolutionary” RPG by the team and needs fan support.

The main idea behind Wildman is to fuse the core gameplay elements of action RPGs and real time strategy games that Gas Powered Games has found success with in the past. As the team pitches is, the game will feature loot, destructible environments, and dynamic enemy AI. The team hints at upgrading, which may point to skill trees. Not much has been said about the RTS elements, but one would expect similar systems to Demigod or Supreme Commander. These seem to form the crux of the gameplay, but in between each battle the game sends the Wildman on mini RPG adventures to supplement your character and army. The game will also feature mod tools courtesy of a homemade web platform that will allows modders to create their own environments.

The game is on Kickstarter so that fans can be part of the game’s development to follow it through the steps and help make vital decisions on some of the as-of-now undecided elements of the game. As is customary to Kickstarter, there are multiple funding tiers that backers can contribute to an receive exponentially larger rewards for doing so. If you like the previous work from Gas Powered Games and want to get in on their newest project, visit Wildman‘s Kickstarter page to check it out.

Wildman joins a very small pool of Kickstarter projects I’m keeping an eye on. Think you’re going to donate? Tell us in the comments, or discuss Wildman in our forums!

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