‘Dust 514’ open beta begins next week

 ‘Dust 514’ open beta begins next week

Sony and CCP Games will be bringing PlayStation 3 owners the open beta for Dust 514 next week. The multiplayer madness will be free to download for all users.

First-person fans have been testing the limits of this shooter for weeks now in the closed beta, and on Jan. 10, CCP managed to merge Dust with the PC title EVE Online on the Tranquility server. This was the move that made the developer feel comfortable with opening the doors for all players,  but veterans of the Dust experience will see a reward for their testing efforts in terms of progression. Since there will be no further character resets, all the stats accumulated from this point on will be for keeps. That’ll give current participants a significant head start.

Jan. 22 is the day to mark on calendars for the rest of the PlayStation world. CCP plans to bring both the PC and PlayStation 3 communities into a single server, and with the beta finally opening up, the limits of this merger will be tested.

What do you think of Dust 514? Can it succeed on both the PlayStation 3 and PC? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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