‘Far Cry 3’ PS3 exclusive DLC coming January 15th

 ‘Far Cry 3’ PS3 exclusive DLC coming January 15th

PS3 owners can look forward to some free DLC for Far Cry 3 next Tuesday, January 15thHigh Tides, as it’s called, will tell the epilogue of the co-op campaign, and include two new chapters.

Having not finished the co-op campaign for Far Cry 3 myself, I’m not exactly sure how important story truly becomes, but locking this kind of content away on a single platform always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. For something that’s supposed to tell the “final moments” of this particular cast of characters, it’s odd that Ubisoft would restrict the content to a single section of its audience.

There’s no word yet if High Tides will eventually come to other platforms, but we’ll keep you updated.

Will you be downloading High Tides? And what do you think of this kind of DLC exclusivity? Let us know in the comments below.

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