‘Dead Island: Riptide’ has a ‘Rigor Mortis’ collector’s edition

 ‘Dead Island: Riptide’ has a ‘Rigor Mortis’ collector’s edition

It seems like literally every Triple-A title that has released in the past several years includes at least one collector’s edition, and the upcoming sequel Dead Island: Riptide is no different. A fun twist to this one, however, is that fact that the contents are actually pretty fun and were chosen by the community.

The Rigor Mortis Edition will feature a little hula girl figurine, a key (?), and a bottle opener that looks like a severed zombie hand. All of this can be packed into a little suitcase so you can take your console game on the go (despite not being able to play it on the go) and show all of your friends how collector’s editions can be awesome. There is also some so-far unannounced DLC to be packaged with the game and what is referred to as a “digital strategy map.” Again, these extras were chosen by a survey taken by Dead Island fans. Better preorder this $80 set soon, though–Deep Silver warns that there are very few of these things available. Unfortunately for most of the world, it’s also exclusive to North America.

What’s your take on the more expensive and fancy editions of games with bundled goodies? Are they fun additions or needless profit padding? Tell us in the comments, or discuss Dead Island and collector’s editions in the forums!

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