‘DmC’ will feature return of Bloody Palace Mode as free DLC

 ‘DmC’ will feature return of Bloody Palace Mode as free DLC

Capcom brought good news to loyal fans of Devil May Cry today with the announcement of the return of the popular Bloody Palace Mode. What’s more, the mode will be available as post-release DLC that will not cost you a single red orb.

In a press release earlier today, Capcom teased that the mode will be available “shortly after” the game’s launch and will feature over 100 levels of pure combat, along with five bosses. The mode will also feature leaderboards so that players across the world can compete with each other to see who can get the highest scores and most stylish combos. Once it releases, the mode will be accessible after the main game is completed. Dig some screenshots from the mode below (courtesy of All Games Beta).

This is yet another reason to be excited for Ninja Theory’s reboot of the insane action series. Tell us what you’re excited/apprehensive about in the comments, or discuss the game in our forums!


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