‘Tomb Raider’ multiplayer footage revealed in latest developer diary


After last month’s announcement that the upcoming reboot of Tomb Raider would have multiplayer, we’ve received a few updates regarding the specifics. And now, thanks to the latest developer diary, we have actual footage of it in action. Check it out below.

Members from Eidos Montreal, the developer behind the multiplayer, discuss how Tomb Raider and the Guardian of Light inspired the addition of multiplayer, calling it their “Pixar short.” They go on to explain that the main focus was to create a sense of group survival, while retaining the feeling of traversal found in the single player. Hopefully the apparent passion from Eidos Montreal shows in the final product. Tomb Raider will hit store shelves March 5th.

Are you excited to try Tomb Raider’s multiplayer? Or do you have your doubts? Let us know in the comments below.

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