‘Remember Me’ gets new character reveal, trailer to come this week

 ‘Remember Me’ gets new character reveal, trailer to come this week

The now Capcom published Remember Me, a cyberpunk, mental espionage-based action game by French developer Dontnod, has seen a character unveiled via its Facebook page.

Kid Xmas will make a feature sometime this week in the upcoming Remember Me trailer, the page confirms. The character will have its own hacking channel in the game — called “Channel Fear” — and will broadcast every night at 9pm.

Remember Me was officially announced at Gamescom last year, but was initially titled Adrift upon its debut a few years ago, back when it was Sony-funded and was planned as a PS3 exclusive (now multi-platform). The game follows Nilin, a woman known as a memory hunter who manipulates her targets’ memories into making them believe what she wants. The game is set in Neo-Paris in the year 2084, featuring a dynamic memory recollection system that lets players choose the outcome of their victims’ thoughts. Check out the trailer below for a better grasp on what the game is all about.

Look forward to Remember Me this May. We’ll keep you updated as more news followers.

[youtube id=”_QqI590COEc” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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