Top 10 Indies of 2013

 Top 10 Indies of 2013

The independent scene of gaming has blown up in the previous years. We’ve gotten hits like Braid to Super Meat Boy to Sworcery. There’s even a film about it with Indie Game: The Movie, so it’s important to know the future of small developers working on games of huge scope. I took some time to compile a list of games that I’m looking forward to this year that might fly under the radar for the gamers into the AAA gaming sphere. Check them out and you might find a game that you’ll adore more than your Call of Dutys or your Creeding Assassins.

10. Antichamber

Alexander Bruce’s game is first-person puzzler with some mind-melting visuals. One look and you’ll be spellbound by white-washed graphics but there’s some deeper meaning behind them. Antichamber is about exploring a world that bends into the psyche. Things might seem like a simple maze but then you’ll notice hallways morphing and the rest of the environment around you changing with only the notion of going forward to proceed. You might be stepping into the unknown but take nothing for granted in this world. While due for release last year, we should be expecting our minds to be warped sooner rather than later on PC/Mac.

9. The Witness

Jonathan Blow’s Braid shook the game world by storm as one of the most critically acclaimed and high-selling indie titles on XBLA. Now he’s gone simply crazy with his newest project The Witness. The game was first shown at PAX Prime 2010 and it’s secluded to mystery ever since, with little drops of information on Blow’s dev blog. A first-person puzzle game but you’re on an island solving the puzzles that it brings to the player. A very lonesome experience heightened with audio recordings to bridge more narrative to the player. You’ll be seeing this game on PC/Mac and iOS.

8. Jazzpunk

A cyberpunk comedy? Yup, that’s the description. Jazzpunk is a first-person comedy adventure where you play as Agent Polybank. You’ll be exploring various retro-infused locations all with the goal of performing spy techniques in your missions. Whether it’s getting information from an assailant in an unusual way or running away from the perpetrators attempting to kidnap you, it all plays out in a way that’s interesting and hilarious. Keep a lookout for this one on PC and Mac.

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