Blur has worked on unreleased trailers for ‘Dead Rising 3’ and ‘BioShock 3’

 Blur has worked on unreleased trailers for ‘Dead Rising 3’ and ‘BioShock 3’

According to some evidence found by intrepid internet snooper Superannuation, Blur Studio has produced unreleased trailers for Dead Rising 3 and BioShock 3. If you haven’t heard of Blur, you will most certainly have seen their work. They’ve worked on game trailers and cinematics for countless games, notably the CG trailers for Star Wars: The Old Republic and the cutscenes for Halo Wars.

Superannuation links to the LinkedIn profiles of three Blur employees: Cloth-Hair TD Noah Peterson, Rigging Supervisor Jeremie Passerin and Lead Animator Kyle Gaulin. Each stating they’ve worked on cinematics for Dead Rising 3 and/or BioShock 3. There’s not much to go on beyond that, and it’s not clear whether these “cinematics” are some sort of trailer or for use within the game. Dead Rising 3 has not been officially announced, but the second game was relatively successful so it’s not beyond the realm of possibility that DR2 developer Capcom Vancouver (formerly Blue Castle) could be working on it. There is a third BioShock game in production, but it’s called BioShock Infinite, could that be what is referred to as “BioShock 3?”

Perhaps we’ll see these trailers somewhere down the road, keep an eye out.

Source: Superannuation via VG24/7 (Image source: hdwallpaper.in)

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