Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games of 2013

 Top 10 PlayStation 3 Games of 2013

4. BioShock Infinite

It’s almost here. Infinite, the true successor to Irrational Games’ original BioShock, is one of those few games I’m obsessing over that I’m still completely content seeing delayed over and over again. Do I want to play it right now? Hell yes I do. Everything from the dizzying acrobatics across sky-high railing to the complicated relationship between Booker and Elizabeth has me salivating to jump into Columbia, but I want the developer to be proud of the final product, first. The last few delays have used to polish this narrative-heavy shooter, and if Ken Levine and his team need more time to work on their game, let’s give it to them. For now, expect to experience BioShock Infinite March 26.

3. Beyond: Two Souls

You can try to boil Heavy Rain down to a series of quick-time events, but that’d just lead me to calling you a crazy person. Quantic Dream’s 2010 narrative thrill ride beautifully blended character choice with an emotionally impactful, if not flawed, narrative. Beyond looks to continue the studio’s tradition of producing unique experiences that put characters and story over hard-hitting gameplay, and I couldn’t be more interested in where the final product ends up. I’m sick and tired of arguing over whether titles like this can truly be considered “games,” and after the overwhelmingly positive reaction to Telltale’s story-centric take on The Walking Dead, I hope we can all just accept the diversity of our ever-expanding industry. What’s important now is that Beyond: Two Souls will be launching sometime in the spring.

2. The Last of Us

Yes, it’s yet another zombie game, but remember when we all said that about The Walking Dead? This tired subject matter isn’t as easy to get excited over as it once was, but it’s talented developers like Naughty Dog that make even the most overused premises interesting. Uncharted was essentially a mishmash of Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones, and while it wasn’t bursting at the seams with creativity, the franchise stands as one of my all-time favorites. It’s gutsy to launch a new IP at the tail end of a console generation, but Joel and Ellie’s journey through a world revenged by a fungus looks to be one of the most captivating experiences this generation. Look to embark on this quest May 7.

1. The Last Guardian

We meet again, my old, crafty friend. For the past two years, The Last Guardian has floated around the top of my Most Anticipated lists – mocking me with its lack of media and reluctance to just become a real game. Team ICO has produced two of the most beautiful and unique adventures to ever grace a console, so that’s what really makes the tortured development of this long-awaited title so difficult. Continued delays and rumors of cancelation have come close to sapping all my remaining hope, but 2013 will be the final year that the thing can actually come out on the PlayStation 3.

To me, that leaves three outcomes: it launches sometime before the PlayStation 4 hits retailers, it becomes a next-generation title or, God help me, it finally meets its maker. No matter what, this will be the year that something has to be said about The Last Guardian. Let’s just hope it’s some much needed good news.

This is a personal list that’s representative of the editor’s tastes, not those of the entire staff. The ranking of multi-platform games will vary between the console-specific articles.

And that, dear readers, is my full list. But, there are still plenty of other games that have me excited. What titles did I miss that make you long for a time machine? Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below! 

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