Capcom restructuring earnings forecast after poor ‘RE6’ sales

 Capcom restructuring earnings forecast after poor ‘RE6’ sales

Due to less-than-favorable sales numbers for Capcom’s Resident Evil 6, the company is adjusting its earnings forecast for the next fiscal year. The adjustments are aiming at lower figures to account for that game’s loss.

Capcom has lowered their forecast numbers by eleven percent, from 105,000 million net yen to 93,500 million. The company cited the originally strong, but quickly-faltering sales of Resident Evil 6 as the reason. While the game received moderately good critical reception, it was widely hated by many Resident Evil 6 fans. Capcom no longer expects RE6 to meet its sales goals.

In addition, Monster Hunter 4 has been pushed out of March 2013 to the next fiscal year, for the classic reason of raising the quality of the game.

Does Capcom’s situation worry you or will they be find? Tell us in the comments or discuss the company in our forums!

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