Xbox 360 Holiday Buyer’s Guide

 Xbox 360 Holiday Buyer’s Guide


Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – Dragonborn

I haven’t actually had time to get around to this myself, but since it returns to a land not far from Morrowind, I can’t wait. Combined with new features and improvement such as dragon mounts and an avid Skyrim fan is sure to get some enjoyment out of this new content.

Call of Duty: Black Ops II Season Pass

Zombies. ’nuff said. If new multiplayer maps aren’t enough to whet your whistle, the zombies sure will. One of the most anticipated features of Treyarch’s installments in the franchise is the addicting co-op experience that gives you hours of entertainment.

Halo 4 Season Pass

While ten maps certainly isn’t a stellar amount of locations for Halo 4 to launch with, the Halo 4 Season Pass will net you three map packs for a total of nine new maps over the next couple of months. The first map pack, Crimson, has already launched and is currently available for a free trial for those who received the specialization codes and successfully redeemed them.


Bigger HDD

While Xbox 360 hard drives originally started at only 20 GB, we now see 250 and 350 becoming the standard. The upgrade, while a big one, isn’t that expensive and nets you a good amount of storage space for all that downloadable content.

  • 20 Gig – $30
  • 60 Gig – $90
  • 250 Gig – $110
  • 320 Gig – $130 (Slim only)

Xbox 360 Halo 4 Wireless Controller

I know I need a new controller, and right now with the release of Halo 4 comes the limited edition Halo 4 wireless controller. With a special UNSC paint scheme and a transparent plastic, it’s wonderful to look at. What really matters is that it’s a new controller, so don’t fret if they don’t have this exact model, any wireless controller will do.

Xbox 360 Play and Charge Kit

Speaking of wireless controllers, batteries quickly add up, so why not buy a play and charge kit. Not only will this kit recharge the battery that it comes with so you can play wirelessly, but it will also function as a simple wired controller if the battery ever decides to die out.

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