Wii U Holiday Buyer’s Guide


Downloadable Games

Puddle is a little  water physics puzzle game that uses the gyroscoping motion control of the GamePad to manipulate the world’s perspective and let water flow through various obstacles. The game is simplistic in design but challenges players both mentally and physically to get as much water to the end of each stage as possible before it evaporates.

Nano Assault Neo
Those with a PS3 may be familiar with a twin-stick shooter called Super Stardust HDNano Assault Neo was obviously inspired by that game as it features many similar gameplay hooks that the PS3 offers: twin-stick shooting around a single object that can be traversed in full 360 degrees of view; a kickin’ soundtrack that really ups the pace of each skirmish; smooth, dazzling visuals; challenging boss fights; and a leaderboards system that’ll keep you coming back to increase your score against other players around the world. This time though, Nano Assault Neo pits players on microscopic cells to fend off deadly viruses/bacteria. Furthermore, the game can be played single-player on either the GamePad or TV, or in co-operative mode, with one player using the TV with a Wii Remote/Classic Controller/Pro Controller, and the other player using their own screen on the GamePad. It’s a gorgeous arcade experience that really shows off the kind of visuals Nintendo’s new console is capable of producing.

Rayman Legends demo
Though not a purchasable product on the eShop, the Rayman Legends demo is still very much worth your time (and best of all, it’s free!). A direct sequel to last year’s multiplatform release Rayman Origins, Legends is a future exclusive title for the Wii U that’s proved itself to be a must-have for sidescrolling platform fans. The game features an absolutely gorgeous 2D art design mixed in with some 3D trickery with some very cheeky tunes to catch your attention. It also boasts a 5-player multiplayer mode similar to NSMBU. You’ve got nothing to lose downloading this demo, and it’s sure to bury itself deep in your mind to pop back up when its release hits early next year.

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