‘Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament’ DLC out now

 ‘Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament’ DLC out now

United Front Games is keeping its promise of future DLC with the latest add-on, Sleeping Dogs: Zodiac Tournament. In the same way that the previous Nightmare in Northpoint was based on Chinese cinema, specifically Chinese horror, Zodiac Tournament is heavily influenced by old-school Kung fu flicks. Check out the launch trailer below.

Wei Shen will be going on another adventure, this time on a remote island to partake in a martial arts tournament. The add-on promises a few new moves for Shen’s repertoire, as well as new characters, etc. You can snag this DLC for PC, 360, or PS3 for $4.99.

Will you be checking out this latest bit of Sleeping Dogs content? Let us know in the comments below.

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