‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’ now available

 ‘Street Fighter X Mega Man’ now available

This day celebrates the 25th anniversary of everyone’s favourite Blue Bomber, Mega Man, the apple of Capcom’s eye. To commemorate Capcom has released Street Fighter X Mega Man, a free Mega Man game for PC that features the man himself over coming eight new stages that each represent an individual character (and in this context, bosses) from the Street Fighter games. Best of all, the game will retain its long-endeared 8-bit graphic style. You can check it out on the Capcom Unity site.

Furthermore, Mega Man 1 through 6 will be making their way to the 3DS Virtual Console via the eShop, beginning with the former on December 27th. The following entries to the series will see staggered releases throughout 2013.

Will you be jumping in on the event? Are you excited to see Capcom showing some love to one of their most beloved franchises? Hit us up below.

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