Sunday News Roundup: The Last of Us, Metro: Last Light, and more!

 Sunday News Roundup: The Last of Us, Metro: Last Light, and more!

Good evening citizen. This is the Sunday News Roundup, where I, your cybernetic police officer, will guide you through the week’s gaming news. Come quietly or there will be…trouble.

This week, Naughty Dog let loose the fact that their incredible looking game The Last of Us will have multiplayer of some sort. Great, another tacked on multiplayer game that only exists to be like every other game on the market, and to “justify” the existence of an online pass. Thanks so much, Sony! The time being spent on the game’s unnecessary multiplayer could’ve been used to make the singleplayer game (why everyone is so damn excited for the game in the first place) even better. You know, I’m absolutely sick of the trend this generation that says “Every AAA videogame must have some sort of multiplayer component.” This is something that you’ve probably read before, and probably more elequently stated, but it’s worth reiterating. Publishers/developers: Not every game needs multiplayer. The success of Skyrim and Bioshock proved that already.

Over in the land of vodka and depression, THQ has announced a limited edition for Metro: Last Light. While nothing fancy is included in this premium edition (all first run copies of the game will be of this limited edition), there are some nice little digital goodies to help you get started on your quest through post-apocalyptic Russia. Honestly, I would’ve LOVED to have seen a proper limited edition for this game. An art book, making of disc, a nice steelbook, and alternate cover art all sound brilliant. While I’m not a fan of digital-only goodies in my limited editions, the fact THQ isn’t charging extra is a nice change of pace in the $100 limited edition world we live in.

Another day, another petition started by a bunch of nerds. The problem this time? The fact that Dark Souls II won’t be coming out for the Wii U. So far, 12,000 people have digitally signed their names on a non-existant piece of paper, thinking they can change publisher’s minds. While I think a Dark Souls game would be a great fit for the Wii U’s Gamepad, I just don’t see it selling a whole lot on the console. Then again, if a Dark Souls title were coming to the Wii U, the console’s sales could see a nice little boost as one more quality game descends upon the masses. Suddenly, I feel like this should actually happen. You hear me Namco-Bandai? Let’s do this.

For our last topic, I’d like to introduce a new segment for the series entitled “That Just Isn’t True”. THIS WEEK ON “THAT JUST ISN’T TRUE”: Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli thinks Crysis 3 on the PC is a next generation title. Say it with me everyone: “That just isn’t true.” While you may be “maxing out” the current consoles in terms of horsepower, that doesn’t make the game “next-gen”. And your claim that “technically”, no game looks as good as Crysis 2 is a matter of opinion (slightly biased in your case). Like you said, art is subjective. And in my subjective analysis of the Crysis “look”, I’m just not a fan. You can keep your terrawhosits and gigawhatnots, I just want a game to look as good as it can while artistically conveying the themes of the game visually.

That’s all I have for you this week. Remember to leave a comment, or yell at me on the forums and on Twitter. And remember…

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