Tell Bethesda what you want with ‘Elder Scrolls VI’ survey

 Tell Bethesda what you want with ‘Elder Scrolls VI’ survey

Though many developers would argue against such a practice on the grounds of “creating art,” one fan has apparently released an unofficial survey for fans to fill out, the ideas in which will theoretically be taken into consideration for the next Elder Scrolls game.

The survey, which is available on Reddit, asks questions such as where the next game should take place, whether crafting should make a return, and if players would like to see things such as seafaring and a Hardcore mode (similar to Fallout: New Vegas). More importantly, it asks players to say what they think needs the most improvement from Skyrim to the next game.

While it’s easy to tell that this isn’t straight from Bethesda the author of the survey is considering printing out the macro results and sending them to Bethesda. To be fair, there are some good ideas on the survey, and several of them seem like natural evolutions of existing mechanics from the series.

At the very least, the survey is work a look. Tell us what you’re most excited for about the unannounced next game, or discuss the Elder Scrolls in our forums!

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