‘The Secret World’ no longer requires a subscription

 ‘The Secret World’ no longer requires a subscription

Funcom’s latest entry into the MMO genre, The Secret World, has changed business models today. Just four months after launching with a traditional monthly subscription model, Funcom have announced that effective immediately anyone can buy a copy of The Secret World and play indefinitely, with no further cost.

It’s not quite the same as the free to play model Funcom and many others have taken when adjust their models in the past. The subscription model isn’t going away entirely either, those who want to can still pay a monthly fee ($14.99 in the US) and receive some bonuses. These include a “Time Accelerator” which allows players to gain 100% more experience from defeating enemies, though it does have a 16 hour cool down. Every month subscribers will also get a “Item-of-the-month gift” and $10 worth of bonus points, which can be used to buy things from the games store. In addition there’s also a 10% discount on everything in said store. Those who had previously opted into the Grandmaster (lifetime) subscription will get an additional 10% discount, meaning they’ll get 20% off in total.

New convenience items are also being added to the game, players can now purchase an “Ability Points Potion” which will “double the Ability Points you receive for the duration of its effect.” Future content updates, referred to as “Issues” will now have to be purchased using Bonus Points or by purchasing them for $5.

Will you be giving The Secret World a try now? Or is it still not quite free enough for you? Let us know in the comments or hit up the forums.


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