Rumor: Next-gen Xbox and PlayStation codenames, processors

 Rumor: Next-gen Xbox and PlayStation codenames, processors

With Nintendo being the first of “The Big Three” to launch their next-generation home console, many wonder what Microsoft and Sony have cooking. Rumors point to the next Xbox currently being referred to as ‘Kryptos,’ not the more commonly touted ‘Durango,’ while the next PlayStation is being referred to as ‘Thebes,’ according to SemiAccurate.

While codenames mean close to nothing for consumers, it is interesting to hear a few details on what kind of power Microsoft and Sony will be packing when they chose to release their new home consoles. Microsoft intends to pack ‘Kryptos’ with an AMD chip codenamed ‘Oban,’ but production of the chip might have been delayed. As to whether or not this means a delay for the unannounced ‘Kryptos’ is anyone’s guess.

The next PlayStation’s inner-workings appear to be made up of an AMD chip that might be manufactured at Global Foundries or IBM. Another interesting caveat is that Sony’s chip will go into production after Microsoft’s.

As with all rumors, all of this is purely speculation until an official announcement is made by Microsoft and Sony. Still, it’s fun to speculate while you wonder why this console generation hasn’t ended yet. Do you think we’ll be seeing Microsoft’s or Sony’s next-generation console in the next year or is it too early to tell? Let us know in the comments below or head over to the forums.

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