New ‘Borderlands 2’ character in development

 New ‘Borderlands 2’ character in development

Good news for all you Borderlands 2 fanatics, Randy Pitchford president of Gearbox Software, has confirmed that the team is currently working on another character for the game.

“Yes, we’re working on another character,” he told a random member of Twitter. We’d expect this type of content to not be included in the Season Pass that many players have purchased.

Even better was his continued teasing regarding when new content will hit. When prompted about content releasing before the “end of the world” in ten days, he replied rather quizzically.

“You can quote me on this, ‘I guarantee that there will be more DLC for Borderlands 2 before the world ends.'”

Do we take it as face value, that perhaps content will release in the next ten days, or does this simply reaffirm what we already know, that content will eventually release? Regardless, it’s been a good time to be a Borderlands 2 fan. Now, if only I could play it

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