‘Black Knight Sword’ coming out on December 17

 ‘Black Knight Sword’ coming out on December 17

Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacture and Hungarian developer Digital Reality have worked on two titles together, the first was the shoot-em ‘up Sine Mora that came out earlier this year. The second title they’re working on is a action/platformer titled Black Knight Sword and it’s finally releasing soon as in this Wednesday.

You control the Black Knight who, by the name of the game, is in possession of the Black Knight Sword. It’s your goal to take down the evil Dark Princess and rid of her evil ways. It sounds great and the screenshot you can see above has a very gothic look to it. I’ve played it at PAX East and it was a great if messed-up platformer with weird things to fight like giant mouths at one point. Sounds crazy and very much Suda-inspired.

Think you’ll check this out on Wednesday or you done for games of the year? Let us know in the comments or post in our forums.

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