Ubisoft currently working on ‘AAA’ next-gen RPG

 Ubisoft currently working on ‘AAA’ next-gen RPG

An employee over at Ubisoft Massive, one of the main developers behind Far Cry 3, has revealed that his team’s working on a next-generation online RPG.

The game was leaked in the same way most far-flung projects are revealed these days: LinkedIn. A job listing that fits this same description was posted quite some time ago on the Massive website, but the “next generation” part adds a whole new level of excitement to the story.

“Massive is looking for an experienced Lead Level Designer to join an international team working on a AAA Online RPG,” the post reads. “In this position you will lead a Level Design team in building the best gameplay experiences ever conceived. For any game. Ever.”

The listing mentions a team size of 250 people, and the employee’s LinkedIn claims that the game began development just two months ago. So, you’re allowed to get excited, but don’t expect to see anything on this mystery game for quite some time.

Can you even guess what this team is working on? Will be an established franchise, or a new IP? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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