‘Dark Souls II’ announced with debut trailer

In an announcement that kind of came out of nowhere, the Spike Video Game Awards has a new world premiere trailer for a sequel to Dark Souls. The brutal action/adventure game is coming back with another fit of anger management and cool warriors with armor. Check out the CG trailer below:

Who really expected this to be shown? Pretty much nobody but everyone seems either excited or polarized by the announcement. No word yet on what systems it’s coming for but we’ll keep you up to date. I’ve never played the original but always wanted to since I was a big fan of Demon’s Souls.

New details emerged from Destructoid that it’ll be coming to Xbox 360 and PS3, Demon’s Souls creator will serve as Supervisor and From Software’s Tomohiro Shibuya will be the director. There’ll also be a new hero, new storyline and a revamped server-based multiplayer mode.

Are you ready to get punished again in Dark Souls II? Let us know in the comments below or post in our forums.

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