‘Call of Duty’ sees first year-over-year decline this generation

 ‘Call of Duty’ sees first year-over-year decline this generation

Are the trends we’ve come to accept finally reversing? That’s the question everyone in the industry is asking right now. Thanks to Gamasutra, we now know that according to November’s NPD numbers, Black Ops II saw 14 percent less sales than last year’s Modern Warfare 3. With “only” 7.4 million copies sold, this is the first time that a Call of Duty installment has seen a decline since the the franchise took off with the original Modern Warfare.

It is worth noting that Black Ops II also had seven fewer days than Modern Warfare 3 did, however, estimates still put it well below the 8.8 million mark that it’s predecessor obtained.

What are you hoping for? This is generally a very polarizing topic in the industry right now, and it sure can’t hurt to speculate what could happen next.

Note: These numbers only include PS3 and Xbox 360 copies sold.

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