‘Hitman: Absolution’ crash fix coming soon

 ‘Hitman: Absolution’ crash fix coming soon

Since the Nov. 20 launch of Hitman: Absolution, players everywhere have been reporting freezing issues within the game. The reports show no real similarities, other than the fact that the game freezes, crashes, and, in some cases, corrupts the player’s save data. Now, IO Interactive has responded to these issues via the Hitman: Absolution Forum.

“We’ve been working hard to fix crash issues in Hitman: Absolution, and we’re looking to release a patch for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in the week beginning December 10,” said “SlyRebirth,” one of the company’s official blog posters.

“We’ve worked through all of the reported crash issues and are happy to say we’ve fixed all of them,” the post went on to state.

It’s unclear thus far whether this update will address only the crash issues within the game, or if some of the other patch-able problems will be worked out as well. One of the most unpopular aspects of the game is that enemy NPCs start at their original positions upon a player’s checkpoint respawn, even if said enemies had been dispatched before the player reached the checkpoint. Other complaints include inconsistent scoring within the game’s point system, with some users stating that their first score remains unchanged after playing through levels multiple times.

IO noted that they will release a full list of patch notes “as soon as possible.”


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